Day At The Children’s Museum with the Nephews

Now, this blog is mainly concerned with members of the immediate family: Shannon, the Geekling, and myself. However, during those times that the family are travelling to their homeland of California, I DO have other Troxells that I see. I have my parents, plus a brother with a wife and two sons.This past week, my brother and his wife were on an anniversary trip to Cabo, so my nephews had split time between his parents and her parents. One of the things that the grandparents have is a membership to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. They went on Saturday, and guess who was “kidnapped” and brought along? My parents say it was because the little guys wanted me along, I think the subject was raised so they had an extra set of eyes to keep track of a 6 year old and a 3 year old, Thing 1 and Thing 2 respectively.

Hitting the Children’s Museum with actual Children is a bit of organized chaos, light on the organization and heavy on the chaos. First was the Lego exhibit, where they had fun racing cars down a track and building Lego vehicles. Then we raced over to the Hot Wheels Exhibit, where they spent time racing Hot Wheels cars down a track.

Do we notice a trend developing here?

This part really interested me, and I got a lot of shots of the full size cars. It was fun looking at the displays of the history of the cars, and remembering that “I used to have that…” and “I really wanted that…” It was a really nifty exhibit, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 were having a lot of fun there, so I really had time to look around and enjoy it.

From there, Thing 2 really wanted to ride the Merry Go Round, so while Grammy brought him on that, Grandpa watched and I brought Thing 1 over to the video game section. Seriously, he played some NES Super Mario Brothers, then he went and sat on Lego Star Wars for about 15 minutes as I looked at toys I grew up with now sitting as exhibits in a museum I grew up with, and felt old.

Headed upstairs, the little guys played in the ScienceWorks exhibit, with Thing 1 making a personality bracelet, and Thing 2 playing with the water exhibits, and the organize chaos of the other exhibits.

After a quick break for lunch, that’s when we headed down to the Dinosaurs. It’s great that they have a ton of places for the wee ones to crawl around, and they had a great time peeking under doors, seeing what the museum thought dinosaurs smelled like, and crawling into the domes that actually bring you into the exhibit.

Before we left, we had to check out the train.

You don’t know about the train?

It’s a 55-ton locomotive from the late 1800’s called the Reuben Wells. It’s a full size locomotive and tool car in the museum. The museum was kind of built up around it. I’ve always loved it, and Thing 1 and Thing 2 thought it was cool that their Great Great Grampa had worked in one of those tool cars, and their Grandpa had ridden in one before.

By this point, the wee ones were tired, so they got gifts in the Museum Shop, and we were on our way home.

Now, I just need to get Shannon and the Geekling over to the museum when they get back. I love that we can go where the little ones want, still not see everything, and have a full day.

EDIT: Now, I really wanted to insert some photos on here, but I forgot how frustrating it is to put photos on a WordPress blog. So, later, I’ll post up a link to a photo album, after I edit it and put it together.

Catch you later,


Who ya gonna call? Daddy and the XBox!

The Geekling has figured out that video games are a good source of entertainment. She’s not playing yet, although when they get back from California at the end of July, I’m going to push the couch back and start teaching her how to play with the Kinect and her Disneyland game that she loves to watch. Instead, she loves watching me play the Ghostbusters video game. She’s become enamored with it, and is starting to learn the names of the Ghostbusters as well as she knows what TARDIS stands for.

For the record, hearing a three year old say “Time and Relative Dimension Space” is adorable. Yes, I know she keeps forgetting the “in” but we’re working on that.

Back to the subject, about an hour or so before bed, she’ll look at me and ask “Daddy? Ghostbuster game?” so we’ll drop it into the Xbox and fire it up. When the theme from Ray Parker Jr. starts playing, she’ll jump off the couch and dance, shouting “GHOSTBUSTERS” whenever he asks “Who ya gonna call?” Then the game starts, and she crawls up on the couch next to me and really starts to get into it.

“Get the ghost, daddy! Get the ghost!”

“The ghost is getting away, daddy! THE GHOST!”

“WHY did you let the ghost get away, daddy!”

She’s figured out that Daddy is controlling the action on the screen, but she hasn’t figured out the difference between gameplay and cut scenes yet.

But it’s something.

Geekling Pictures, or Lack There Of

I have no problem with being on the internet. If you Google my name, you’re sure to get some hits of me. I’ve been out there with my real name since the mid-nineties, not really caring about internet anonymity or anything like that. Sure, this means that I’ve had pictures of me in handcuffs floating around, pictures of me drinking, but this was before these pictures were a thing. These were from the BBS days of social networking. I don’t worry about these, or anything that’s out there now.

I do worry about my daughter being presented on the internet. My sweet, spastic, little Geekling is only 3. Does she have a say on what I put out there? Nope. While I have some great pictures of her and I, do I want to put her face out there? Really, I can’t say I’m comfortable with it. I have no beef with doing it on my locked down Facebook page, which does remind me that I need to do my monthly security settings check. However, putting her face out there on Daddy’s self-serving postings? Nope, not comfortable at all.

I have friends that do that, and that’s awesome! They know their stuff, they know their family, and they are rocking it. However, it’s something that I’m becoming very guarded about. I’ll show pics of her, but not her face. I’ve been trying to even watch the image names I’ve been putting up, even though I know her name is floating around there. Heck, I even think on here, I was referring to her as the Pup before I was referring to her as the Geekling.

So now you know, the Geekling doesn’t have a deformed face or anything, I’m just not going to show it until she can look at the blog and ask “Daddy, why do you never show my face on here?”

Then I’m going to visit back to this posting, and let her make the decision then.


Bathtime Fishy Tank


She doesn’t want the fishies in the tub with her, they belong in their tanks. So with the tanks, she runs a fishies store.

Wolf Park

The Geekling likes wolves and puppies. She likes to howl like a puppy, she loves seeing puppies, and she loves singing about the Big Bad Wolf. Well, in Battleground, IN, there is a Wolf Park. At that wolf park, they have wolves and wolf puppies, plus the ability to see them interact with staff and perhaps hear them howl on one of their howl nights.

So on Friday, I took a personal day so everyone could sleep in a bit, then we packed up the Cardis to head north on 65, through Lafayette, to the wolf park to hit their howl night at 7:30PM. After we found the park, we pulled back into West Lafayette to check out the Triple XXX, a burger joint that was featured on Diners, Drive-In’s, and Dives that Shannon was really curious about. Well, for a place in a college town that had nothing but bar stools and a bar for seating, the Geekling was treated well and provided a coloring book and crayons right off the bat. The food came quick and was tasty, and the service was good. With full tummies, we headed back to the wolf park to meet some friends.

Wolves like playing with watermelon. Who knew, right?

Once everything opened, we scored seats on the bleachers facing the wolf pen to watch the presentation. The Geekling never commented on the “sleeping” deer lying in the pen, thankfully, and was interested in the wolves up until the presentation started, then she became more interested in picking the clover along the first fence line, and then picking up rocks from under the bleachers and stacking them.

The Geekling finding something more interesting than hearing about howling wolves.

Now, don’t get me wrong, whenever the wolves were close to our section of the fence she loved it, and when when the audience was asked to howl she threw her head back in glee and started to howl along with everyone else.

I don’t regret bringing her at all, but despite the fact that there were a handful of other toddlers there, picking clover and playing, I think 3 was a wee bit young to be bringing her there. Despite her love for wolves and wildlife, she really didn’t get much out of the program, and was a little frustrated that she couldn’t run around and scream. She loved seeing the animals, she loved being outdoors with friends and was upset when we had to leave, but I think she’ll REALLY enjoy their program in a few more years.

I’m just hoping they’re still around. If you like, give them a look. They’re definitely worth the drive north if you’re into wolves and the like. 



Every night, at 8:30, it’s the Geekling’s bedtime. Now, like any three year old, she doesn’t want to go to bed.

“Sun up! Sun up!” is the cry right now, because she believes you’re awake when it’s light out, asleep when the sun goes down. Please note that right now, we have twilight up through 10PM, which she considers “Sun up.”

“Pee in potty!” is the back-up cry, the weapon used since we’re also working on potty training her. It doesn’t matter that she has JUST left a gift to the potty gods, and has a fresh diaper. Twice. In the previous 20 minutes.

Most nights it’s easy work, though. Lay her in bed, talk with her about her day, discuss how the Doctor has a pony in his Tardis, and let her cuddle her Tardis or Nala to sleep. Those nights are great, where she’s so sweet and funny in her punch drunk tiredness that she can come up with things like The Doctor’s Pony, or having a Dalek as a pet, or how Wall-E is her best friend.

Then there are the evenings where she is frustrated at being exhausted. Those are the rough ones, where you wonder where your sweet little angel went, and no amount of The Doctor’s Pony or Hop on Pop will sooth her. Those are the rough ones, where you just lay her in bed, lay beside her, and soothe her to sleep.

At those times it’s really frustrating for me as well has her, because no one likes their toddler acting like, well, a toddler. However, I need to remember that she’ll grow out of it. In fact, she gets better with it every evening, with fewer tears and complaints. I just need to understand that it’s the frustration of missing what mommy and daddy are doing, always wanting to be a part of the action, and not understanding why she can’t.

However, she’ll learn. And then, when she’s solidly into bedtime, mommy and daddy can go back to killing Zombies on the X-Box.

Doctor Who Tah-dis

So the Geekling loves Doctor Who. Seriously LOVES Doctor Who. When you ask her what she wants to watch, she’ll pull out a Doctor Who blu-ray about as often as she’ll pull out Wall-E or The Lion King. You’ve seen her reaction to my knee scrape, and she’s been known to watch the show like this:


Another thing she loves doing is playing with “Daddy’s Toys.” Those consist of plush versions of the Millennium Falcon, a X-Wing, and an AT-AT from Think Geek. She loves flying the ships around going PEW PEW PEW and having the AT-AT stomp over her.

With this in mind, I went to Amazon and ordered her a Plush Tardis with Sound Effects, making sure to have it shipped to her under her name. I ordered this on Tuesday, and it showed up yesterday, the 24th.

As I carried it in, the Geekling ran up, excited, when she saw the box. She asked if it was for her, and to her surprise I showed her that her name was on the label. I broke open the tape and let her open the box, which had the plush packaged upside down so the back of the box was showing. This is where she flips out, bouncing up and down as she realizes she got something related to Doctor Who. She continues bouncing and giggling as she sees that it’s the “Doctor Who Tah-dis” when it’s pulled out of the box.

So far, the Tah-dis has gone on a car ride with us, sat at her side as she watched “Let’s Kill Hitler,” and even went to bed with her. When I woke up this morning, I found that she had crawled into bed between Mommy and I, and the Tah-dis was there with her.

Once again, raising geeks right.


Happy Geek Pride Day.